CNY - Mahayana Vajra Prajna Repentence Ceremony

The Chinese New Year Mahayana Vajra Prajna Repentence Ceremony is one of the annual events organized by the Sagaramudra Buddhist Society. The Ceremony is held during the lunar Chinese New Year Period. The main activity is the chanting of the “Mahayana Vajra Prajna Repentence” which contains excerpts from “The Song of Enlightenment by Master Yong Jia” and commentary of the Vara Prajna by 川老. The Repentence is divided into 3 sections. The ceremony create an avenue for us to repent on our past misdeed and to gain wisdom through making offerings to the Sangha.

We welcome you to participate in this Ceremony with us.

Office Closure Notice


18 February 2024 (Sunday)


10.00 am - 4.20 pm


Level 4 Sagaramudra Buddhist Society


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