Upcoming Activities

 Qing Ming Prayer Ceremony

On the third day of the third lunar month (Sunday), Sagaramudra Buddhist Society will conduct 2 Sessions of Prayers for the Qing Ming Prayer ......

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Introduction to Meditation Course

What is Meditation? How can Meditation improve our quality our life? Join Ven. Fa Qian for this 10-weeks Introduction...

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Samadhi Water Repentance

The 'Samadhi Water Repentance' is divided into 3 parts; the repentance of unwholesome deeds committed through body, speech & mind …

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A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life -Chapter 2 (English)

A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life is a Mahayana Buddhist text written in the 8th century by Indian master Shantideva....

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Vesak Day Prayer

Vesak Day Ceremony is one of the annual events of the Society. In addition to commemorating the birth, enlightenment and...

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Dharma Talk

It is of immeasurable merits to hear the Dharma. Listen to our Buddhist teachings and learn Buddhism from basic to extensive...

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