The core mission of Sagaramudra Buddhist Society is to spread the Dharma through education using a systematic approach in Buddhist Education to improve people's mind, purify the society and upgrade the quality of life. Thank you for your support in our mission and we welcome you to become a member of the Society.

Membership Privileges and Benefits

As a member, you will enjoy the following privileges and benefits:

Dharma Course* Member Non-Member

Dharma course

(Per Module)

(Per Module)

Children / Teenage Course

(Per Year)

(Per Year)

Meditation Course

(Per Module)

(Per Module)

Group Practice



Observance of 8 Precepts



Other Services

Member Privileges

Chanting Service1

For immediate family’s deceased member2, the Society will arrange for chanting service. 2 days’ prior notice is required.

Enrichment Course / Recreation Activities

Eligible to enjoy Special Discounts & Privileges

*In recognition of the Society's Dharma education programs, kind donos have offered sponsorship to cover the course notes and practice books.
1Membership effective date at least 6 months.

2Immediate family member include parents, spouse and their children.

Membership Fees

New / Existing Member

Annual Fee

Administration Fee

New Member



Existing Member



Membership Application

To apply as a new member, you can complete the Membership Application Form, bring along your recent photo (Society can help to take) and proceed to Society 4th floor counter. For more information, please contact us at Tel : 67467582 |

1Pro-rated according to month of application at $5 per month

2One time payment only