The Sagaramudra Buddhist society is established with the objective of propagating the Buddha's dharma. As such, we call our volunteers "Dharma protectors". These volunteers interact with the public while learning and practicing the Dharma and at the same time making an effort to help others. As such, their actions are meritorious as they give with a true and pure heart for the wellbeing of others. Through such activities, they grow in their merits and wisdom.

You can join us as a Volunteer in the following Department:

Educational Program

  • Administration Department

  • Children & Youth Education Department

  • Adult Education Department

  • Publication Department

Buddhist Lifestyle

  • Buddhist Rituals Service Department

  • Recreation Department

  • Precepts Department

Service Support

  • Culinary Department

  • Logistics Department

  • Environment Beautification Department

  • Charity Sales Department

  • Buddhist Prayers Department

  • Audio & Visual Department

If you would like to find out more information on volunteering with us, please contact us at Tel : 67467582 |