Sagaramudra Buddhist Society ('Sagaramudra') was established in 1985. In 1992, due to the government's development plans, Sagaramudra was relocated from Pulau Ubin to the main island. 

The core mission of Sagaramudra is to spread the Dharma through Education by adopting a systematic approach in Buddhist Education through mind cultivation so that we can play our part to improve and purify the society that we live in.
The Society use the "Present Moment" as the central theme of practice to link all teachings and methods (Click Schematic Diagram of the "Present"). To attain better understanding while reading the "Present Moment", it is best to adopt the following approach:

  1. Anchoring on "mindful awareness", understand the Four Principles of frankness, simplicity, peacefulness and diginity;

  2. Anchoring on "mindful awareness", link the Four Prayoga of "giving and offering", "prostration and repentance", "generating bodhicitta", and "maintaining awareness";

  3. Anchoring on "mindful awareness", practise sudden awakening through "nurturing the ox", "purifying the ox", "transforming the ox" and "mastering the ox" of the Four Ox Diagram;

  4. Anchoring on "mindful awareness", connect "focusing on the Present", "living in the Present", "applying the Present" and "returning to the Present" of the Four Reminders.

By using the "Present Moment" practice, we
 aim to develop Sagaramudra into a large Buddhist Family that could provide a lifelong, systematic and holistic Buddhist Education. 

To find out more, click here for a short Video about our Society.