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Samadhi Water Repentance

The 'Samadhi Water Repentance' is divided into 3 parts; the repentance of unwholesome deeds…

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CNY - Mahayana Vajra Prajna Repentence Ceremony

The Chinese New Year Mahayana Vajra Prajna Repentence Ceremony is one of the annual events...

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Dharma Discourse Videos

With the original intention of sharing the Dharma and for re-learning purpose....

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Yoga Course (English)

~ 流 ~
Look beyond the traditional yoga postures and discover the effects of.....

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Fundamental Dharma Course

Fundamental Dharma Course is the Level-1 course of the Sagaramudra Dharma Education Course...

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Children & Teenage Dharma Course

Sagaramudra Buddhist Society seeks to propagate the Dharma for the young through...

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