2016 Vesak Day Dharma Discourse

For the 2020 Vesak Day, we have uploaded videos of Venerable Fa Liang’s 2017-2019 Vesak day Dharma Discourse on the internet. 

With the original intention of sharing the Dharma and for re-learning purpose, we will progressively upload videos of the Vesak Day Dharma Discourse of past years and share with everyone. 

2016 Vesak Day Dharma Discourse 《金刚经之成就布施波罗蜜》 is originated from Venerable Faliang’s Publication 《无坚不摧》. It explores on the method of calming the mind through the practice of Dana Paramita (Paramita of Giving).


Video《金刚经之成就布施波罗蜜》Part 1

《金刚经之成就布施波罗蜜》Part 2