3 Refuge & 5 Precepts Ceremony


3 Refuge & 5 Precepts Ceremony




作者 释法梁 (文章摘自《漂亮转身》一书)










Among the “to do”s, under what circumstances they become “not to do”s? And for the “not to do”s, what do you do?

Author Shi Faliang (Article extracted from the publication "A Splendid Turn")

Often, Buddhist practitioners face the following bottleneck at some stages of their practice, which prevents them from progressing further. 

“Master, can I observe the Five Precepts without taking the vow to abide by the Five Precepts?” 

Keeping precepts accumulates merits and results in a good rebirth. This is what I want. On the other hand, violating precepts causes one to descend to hell. This is what I do not want. 

Basically, this is the psychology of coveting winning but dreading losing. 

But, why did Buddha set out the Five Precepts in the first place? 

The Five Precepts set out the basic principles of how to be a noble person. For example, when you are bitten by a dog, you do not reciprocate by biting the dog back. This is because you are not a dog but a human being, who reacts and expresses differently. This is also why a human being is born as a human being. 

However, if you kill the dog because it has bitten you, then there is something wrong with the way you express yourself. That is because you have reacted by biting the dog back. 

Precepts can also be seen as “a place for learning”. We learn from observing the “what to do”s and “what not to do”s of the precepts. Among the “to do”s, under what circumstances they become “not to do”s? And for the “not to do”s, what do you do? 

On the surface, precepts are like ropes that bound us to no end. In reality, keeping precepts is a strength. It empowers our lives. Why is it said that each of those who observe the Five Precepts is protected by the 25 guardians of Dharma? It is because once they have taken the vow, they have the precepts in their heart. With these precepts comes the desire to uphold them. The 25 guardians of Dharma represent the desire to uphold the precepts. 

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