3 Refuge & 5 Precepts Ceremony


3 Refuge & 5 Precepts Ceremony



3 Refuge & 5 Precepts


Take refuge in the Three Triple Gems, uphold the Five Precepts and build a strong foundation on the path of learning Buddhism.

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Take refuge in the Three Triple Gems


Those who practice Buddhism, in order to liberate themselves from the fear of the three evil destinies and the suffering of birth and death, take refuge in the Triple Gem. By studying the teachings of the Buddha diligently, following the Dharma, and associating with fellow practitioners, they can move away from evil and sufferings and find peace and happiness.


Observing 5 Precepts



1.  不殺生--可以增長福壽
2. 不偷盜--可以莊重人格
3. 不邪淫--可以嚴律品德
4. 不妄語--可以樹立威信
5 .不飲酒--可以培養智慧

Social tranquility comes from the purification and purity of the mind. When the mind is pure, the inner self will feel peaceful and calm, and life will be filled with peace and harmony. Therefore, Buddhism advocates that lay followers observe the Five Precepts.

The Five Precepts represent an ideal way of life. They restrain Buddhist disciples from engaging in harmful behaviors and cultivate good virtues. Imagine the chaos, violence, and various crimes in today’s society, which often occur due to the lack of adherence to the Five Precepts. The benefits of observing the Five Precepts:

1.  Abstaining from the taking of life leads to longevity
2. Abstaining from stealing leads to prosperity
3. Abstaining from sexual misconduct leads to popularity
4. Abstaining from false speech leads to a good reputation
5. Abstaining from intoxicants leads to mindfulness and wisdom

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The buddha

Refers to the historical Buddha who attained Perfect Enlightenment, Awakening or Nirvana. He attained the state of perfection through his own efforts, demonstrating that it is a humanly possible feat.

The Dharma

Refers to the Teachings of the Buddha. Through the Teachings, Lord Buddha showed us the way in which we too can perfect ourselves and attain Enlightenment.

The Sangha

Refers to the monastic community of ordained Buddhist monks and nuns.

Taking refuge in the Buddha, we aspire to attain the perfection he attained. Taking refuge in the Dharma, we apply the Teachings of the Buddha in our lives to change our negative mental habits that bring about much stress and suffering. Taking refuge in the Sangha, we take them as our inspiration and guide, while supporting them in whatever ways we can.

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2023 CNY Mahayana Vajra Prajna Repentance Ceremony

法梁法师 - 禅门浴自性佛

About the Instructor

  • 哈达瑜伽 - 美国瑜伽专业联盟200小时认证教师
    Hatha Yoga Teacher 200-hr Yoga Alliance

  • 哈达流动瑜伽 - 英国瑜伽专业联盟200小时认证教师
    Hatha Yoga Flow Teacher 200-hr Yoga Alliance

  • 10余年阴阳瑜伽和舞蹈疗法研习
    Yin Yang Yoga and Freeform Dance-Play Exploration

  • Breadthwork疗法和禅修指导
    Breathwork Therapy and Meditation

  • 6年从事禅法结合瑜伽的教学工作
    Engaged in teaching work combining Zen and yoga for 6 years