Venerable Shi Fa Xuan received her ordination in 1992.

She studied at the Luminary Buddhist Institute in Taiwan. Later, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Nanjing.

She is currently the President of the 22nd Executive Committee of Sagaramudra Buddhist Society. Concurrently she is also the Chairman of the Finance & Audit Committee and Departmental Mentor Venerable of the Educational Programme (Adult Dharma Dept / Children & Teenage Dharma Dept).

Ven Fa Xuan is the Lecturer for the Mandarin Fundamental Dharma Course (Module 1) and Children & Teenage Dharma course.



法宣法师目前是海印学佛会第22届理事会的会长。她也是财政与审查委员会的主席、佛教教育辅导法师 (成人教育部门/少儿教育部门)。

法师除了是华语基础学佛课程单元一的导师, 也是儿童少儿学佛课程的导师。

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法梁法师 - 禅门浴自性佛

About the Instructor

  • 哈达瑜伽 - 美国瑜伽专业联盟200小时认证教师
    Hatha Yoga Teacher 200-hr Yoga Alliance

  • 哈达流动瑜伽 - 英国瑜伽专业联盟200小时认证教师
    Hatha Yoga Flow Teacher 200-hr Yoga Alliance

  • 10余年阴阳瑜伽和舞蹈疗法研习
    Yin Yang Yoga and Freeform Dance-Play Exploration

  • Breadthwork疗法和禅修指导
    Breathwork Therapy and Meditation

  • 6年从事禅法结合瑜伽的教学工作
    Engaged in teaching work combining Zen and yoga for 6 years