The Eight Precept Retreat

Why did the Buddha give a discourse on precept taking to his lay disciples? 

After enlightenment, the Buddha travel from place to place preaching the dharma of the elimination of suffering. He started a Sangha community and had ordained numerous monk and lay disciples.

When the lay disciples see the simple, peaceful and carefree lifestyle of the Sangha, they aspire to live like them. They approached the Buddha and seek his guidance on leading such a carefree life.

The Buddha introduced the concept of taking the eight precepts for one day. Why did the Buddha suggest this? Because of the short duration, it is easier to practice and such practice has many benefits.

As it is a one day activity, it is attainable without too much effort.  


23 March 2024 (Saturday)


9.00 am - 8.00 pm


Level 4 Sagaramudra Buddhist Society


$15 (Member); $20 (Non-Member) 


Please visit Level 4 Administration Office or click here for Application Form


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